An exclusive, advanced Sorcerer School offering for
visionaries who are already soaring with the expansion of their vision, yet desire a nest to come home to.

You’ve already taken innovative ideas and a massive calling of a vision to new heights. You’ve worked hard both internally and externally to get there, and you’ve finally arrived at a place where you’ve expanded to hold the vastness of your work in the world inside of you, your life, and your business.

You’ve worked hard to get here. Harder than most can fathom. Not because you’ve “hustled”. Sure, you’ve worked your butt off to create a stable foundation for your vision, while also operating it for sustainability and growth. But it’s all the internal work you’ve done that really counts. You’ve learned to embody the powerful innovator you always knew you’d be.

Clearly, you’re no stranger to self-development, having dedicated time and energy on experiences that enhanced your education, your awareness of who you truly are, strengthened your leadership abilities, and enriched your life.

You know how to build a business and do the personal work, but you know there’s more – an expansion that goes beyond what your mind can perceive of today. You know this because you know you are infinite, and that means that your potential, and the potential of your visions are also infinite. You didn’t come this far to be anything less than an icon of impact on the planet. You are here because your soul has always been calling you to this point, and you’ve courageously chosen to keep leaping into the unknown.

You also know that it’s vital to work with a guide who’s been where you’re going; someone who, at the same time, relates to where you are right now on your journey.

If you…

  • Have felt until recently that you’re a lone unicorn in going deep and building your business beyond the trajectory of what most can see — but are starting to see that there are others like you; we simply needed to complete our “cocoon” stage to be ready to come together.
  • Have felt misunderstood, constrained by convention, or limited by others’ perceptions.
  • Resonate with what’s beyond purpose; becoming the infinite version of you that’s beyond the way most people perceive purpose + vision.
  • Are aware that though you and your work and now ready to soar, the planet is also going through massive change, and there will be periods when you face new challenges. Ones that stretch you into further expansion if you allow them to.
  • Have reached a point of alignment with your vision that expansion feels fun — and now you refuse to do it any other way. You embrace it all, but are clear that you can have joy even while you’re processing the deep stuff.
  • Know that your vision has a voice of its own, and are ready to listen to it, as it guides you into dimensions few have gone before.

You’re here because you’re ready for our advanced offering of Sorcerer School, Embodying the Sorcerer.

What IS

Embodying the Sorcerer?

Sorcerer School was founded for leaders, executives, and business owners ready to use their self-awareness to create actionable growth in their visions. Embodying the Sorcerer is that, to the infinite, making your growth and its lasting effects limitless. With Embodying the Sorcerer there are no heights to which your business cannot reach; nor to which you cannot expand.

What is Embodying the Sorcerer?
Embodying the Sorcerer is a 12-month online journey that honors the magic of the human experience, and its capacity to humble us by our own greatness, by strengthening your ability to embody the infinite power of creation that you’ve worked hard to learn to harness in your business. It brings the power, purpose, leadership, and integrity you’ve already reached within your business to limitless expansion, so you can follow the guidance of your ultimate vision and the change it wants you to create on the planet.

Because Embodying the Sorcerer supports you uniquely in exploring and commanding the depths of your power, your connection to Source, and your true nature as a leader and change-maker in our world, it goes far beyond any program or training you’ve completed in the past.

It supplements what you’ve learned and dives in deeper – straight to the core – for quicker, more powerful, and longer-lasting results.

Sorcerer School is proud to announce that we are an accredited institution.

Sorcerer School is proud to be an accredited institution! Whether you’d like to facilitate or teach our tools and techniques as an official Modern Day Sorcerer in the future, or you’re simply looking to receive certification after completing the Sorcerer School coursework, we’ve got you covered.

If interested please specify in your application

With Embodying the Sorcerer, you can…

  • Strengthen the solidity of your team, creating more ease & harmony in your company culture.
  • Draw in the clients you’ve been dreaming of from the start, the ones that will catapult your business in an instant and increase your bottom-line.
  • Enhance the path of growth you’ve been on in your business — the one you worked so hard at to get you to where you are today — into one where no matter how big your business gets, you will always have grown just as big to be able to hold it.
  • Improve & speed up your decision-making by learning to listen to the very voice of your vision itself, and of Source energy that gave you the vision in the first place.
  • Find a place of joy, play, and fun in your daily business interactions no matter what you are creating in your business on any given day.
  • Become your vision – in all its bigness – and receive the true fulfillment from it that you’ve been waiting for.


Group Sessions

12 small group 120 minute sessions focused on business strategy from a Source perspective.

12 small group 90 minute sessions focused on creating an environment of celebration and joy in your business, and embodying the same so that you can enjoy every step of growing your vision no matter the circumstances or challenges you may face.

1-On-1 Mentoring

12 private 45-minute laser-coaching sessions + weekly email support

Sorcerer School

Complimentary access to Sorcerer School (usually a $9,600 investment)

Infinite Access

LIFETIME ACCESS to all material to re-use as you grow on your journey as a Sorcerer


2, full day retreats focused on enhancing your ability to receive direct Source guidance so that you can grow your vision as intended in its highest.

Access to Sorcerer School includes:

  • Monthly Live Group Sessions – 12 monthly 6 hour live online workshops providing live training for all levels of growth, Q&A, and on-the-spot transformation for those dedicated to walking the path necessary to become a great leader on this planet.
  • 2 Monthly Pre-Recorded Training Calls – Supplemental training designed to take you deeper in your practice & path, including additional on-the-spot transformation to help you grow in the many areas your business constantly asks for.
  • 2-3 Monthly Supplements – Supplemental material designed to take you deeper in your practice & path
  • San Diego Retreat – 2-day retreat in San Diego, CA grounding + elevating your transformation
  • Online Community – Private group for connection + support with the Sorcerer School community

Enroll Now

Every investment you make in your growth impacts the growth of your business and your greater vision exponentially. We recognize you are your own guru. We want to support you in expanding your inner wisdom out into the world through the scaling your wisdom as a BIG company that improves the world.

Embodying the Sorcerer is currently open for enrollment. We continue to accept new students for a 12-month journey for quarterly enrollment, and are enrolling now.

Apply today! You’ll hear from our team within a few days about next steps.

It never fails… No matter how I’m feeling at the beginning of a session, I always walk away with something and feel lighter by the end.

Tara Gwyllt

I came across Jordanna and her work at exactly the right time. Power, integrity, love, passion, purpose, magic, miracle, divinity, truth, etc. had all been swirling around in my head for quite some time and were finally starting to come together and ignite.Something inside me was yearning for deeper conversations about all of these things so I could start taking action, implementing, shifting, growing, creating, and receiving.

In just a brief conversation with Jordanna, my heart and mind were immediately engaged in a new way. I’m great at attracting the right people into my life, and even with my magical ability to do that, it’s rare that somebody totally gets it. She totally does. I knew I was safe to be all of me from that moment, just as I knew that any community she was creating would be exactly what I required. I allowed myself to be fully seen and heard, to be vulnerable, to learn and teach, to gain insights from myself and others. I truly enjoyed our weeks together and look forward to being part of what she creates in the future, because I know it will be magic.

Sally Mercedes

Jordanna is a woman with a true and powerful gift. My work with her has been nothing less than life changing. From her own experiences, Jordanna approaches each and every one of her clients with a compassion and understanding that is a rare and precious quality. Since I have begun my journey to embracing my true authentic self, Jordanna has helped me pave the way by opening my eyes to limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding me back from reaching my true potential. While the journey is not easy, Jordanna offers a supportive and collaborative environment to expand ourselves allowing us to fully reach wholeness. I am incredibly grateful to have Jordanna’s guidance, wisdom and support in my own journey back to myself and would highly encourage others to connect and work with this amazing woman!

Ashley Duffy

I knew I needed to work with Jordanna after I’d learned about her unique combination of spiritual healing and practical business strategies. Before I started meeting with her, my business was what I’d call “on the verge”–of either complete failure or a new level of success. Even though I KNEW my work represented my true spiritual calling and path, my most recent offerings were meeting with almost no response, and I was in serious financial difficulty with NO idea of how things could change. I’d contemplated giving up my work, and in some despairing moments, even giving up on life altogether.

Jordanna is deeply compassionate, wise, kick-ass powerful and FUN to work with! If you are seeking someone who can guide you both spiritually AND practically toward your dreams for your life and your business, you’ll find that perfect combination in Jordanna and her work.

Susan Sinclair

Sorcerer School is the most powerful journey I have ever been on. I have uncovered so much magic under the layers and layers of shame and fear that have been harboring and even tried “protecting” me for years. Because of Jordanna Eyre and Sorcerer School, I have dug deep to find my inner strength. I am now nurturing my power and standing in it, even when that means looking fear straight in the eye and greeting it with a hug. The darkness turns into light at every turn now. I can feel myself further expanding and receiving all things from the universe that support me in my highest. Even my coworkers, friends, and partner can see the shift and what’s even juicier. . . it’s impacting them as well! They are stepping into their power. They are making changes in their lives. It is truly a beautiful thing to accept I am a modern day sorceress and all the things I dream up are manifesting before my very eyes with the tools and skills I used digging deep with Jordanna Eyre and my sorcerer circle.

Sarina Harz

Don’t let the word Sorcerer scare you! This program has brought me back home to myself. Feeling more grounded and embodied in myself, it feels safer to really feel my feelings. I am beginning to live from an authentic presence no matter what the circumstances are, and seeing past the illusions that have been holding me back. Peeling away layers that are no longer serving me is allowing me to just BE who I am and there is nothing more powerful than that! People are telling me that I am inspiring them just by who I’m BE-ing. Also recently more people want to partner up with me in some way to work together and collaborate. I am making more money than when I started this program and currently manifesting my dream trip!

The calls that we have make me feel so supported and understood, and the community of fellow sorcerers is like family. This isn’t like any other program I have done. Jordanna brings a fresh perspective to processing things and I love the new tools I am learning. Even while talking about deep truths, the energy she brings is infectious and I always feel amazing after. Thank you Jordanna, I have so much gratitude for this experience and transformation!

Talyn Khanbabyan

Working with Jordanna for a year was a lot like being in an amazing relationship. Obviously it was professional, not romantic, but I have never yet spent so long a time feeling so deeply loved and supported by another human being I wasn’t related to. Like the sorceress she brands herself to be, Jordanna has spent this past year lovingly opening my eyes to magic–not just hers, but my own.

I started 2015 as a timid editor with barely any clients. I ended it running a six-figure business group. I started 2015 functionally homeless, driving around the country because I couldn’t afford lodging. I ended it with an apartment, a dog, and a stable lifestyle that allows me to stay in hotels when I travel. I started 2015 cowering under the shadows of an authoritarian religious past. I ended it with new trust that the larger presence that runs the universe cares for me and has my back. I began 2015 a victim and ended it a leader. I began it in a prison of my own mind and ended it exploring the freedom of my deepest feelings. I began it looking for a shield to hide behind and ended it bearing that shield to shelter those needing my protection and provision. I began it the Mickey Mouse apprentice conjuring brooms to do my chores, and ended it being, as Cards Against Humanity would say, a motherfucking sorcerer.

I could go on, but I think the idea is clear. Working with Jordanna cleared away years of fear, shame, guilt and anger, opening space for me to step into myself in ways I would never have predicted or believed possible. And it was fun! There were tears and rage and frustration, sure, but there was also laughter and joy and triumph. This year with Jordanna has been my best investment since attending The Conference For Men. If it weren’t so clear I was ready for something else now, I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.

James Ranson

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Every investment you make in your growth impacts the growth of your business and your greater vision exponentially. We recognize you are your own guru. We want to support you in expanding your inner wisdom out into the world through the scaling your wisdom as a BIG company that improves the world.

Embodying the Sorcerer is currently open for enrollment. We continue to accept new students for a 12-month journey for quarterly enrollment, and are enrolling now.

Apply today! You’ll hear from our team within a few days about next steps.

About Jordanna

Jordanna Eyre is a highly intuitive, freedom-loving Indigo Child and an overly ambitious, business-savvy entrepreneur.

With 22 years of experience as a motivational leader and holistic educator, Jordanna offers custom services that focus on turning self-awareness into actionable growth. Through extensive world travel and experience within the fields of business, social services, and education, she’s developed an expertise in helping leaders find balance in life and work. Her proven methods have helped many individuals increase fulfillment and peace, while also increasing profits, business growth, and a more well-rounded lifestyle.

Jordanna most loves guiding people to reconnect with the deep knowing they’ve had since they were young so they can break past societal limitations, live in alignment with the fulfillment their soul craves, and make the true contribution they’re meant to have on the planet.